The author was conceived during the week of the stock market crash in 1929 and born nine months later in Bronx Hospital as the nation plunged into the Economic Depression.

He was the younger son of Russian Jewish immigrants who had escaped pogroms, World War I and the Russian Revolution to settle in the Bronx. His father was a house painter whose economic improvement was marked by the family's moving from apartments in the South and East Bronx to within sight of the Grand Concourse.

Dr. Jaffe became a psychologist and taught at Columbia and the City Universities. His research was published in national psychology journals and he has made numerous presentations at conferences. He still has a psychotherapy practice in – where else? – the Bronx. While working with today's immigrants, he has been writing memoir fiction about his parents' immigrant generation, which is practically gone, and his brother's World War Two generation, which is fast dwindling.

His first novel is Land of Dreams. He has published a second novel, Hobgoblins, a psychological thriller about an attempt to overthrow the United States government and establish a dictatorship. He is also the author of six published short stories. He divides his time between his psychotherapy practice and writing about a past generation that, except for ethnicity and race, confronted problems similar to those of today's immigrants; the saga going back to the time when our earliest Homo Sapiens first ventured from their savanna homeland. The author still finds time to bicycle in the Bronx and spend time with his wife, grown children, daughter-in-law and grandson.