This well-crafted page-turner is sure to touch a nerve in every reader.

"Think It Can't Happen Here" is one of many memorable chapters in this fascinating novel of terrorism and deception, perfectly capturing the world we now live in...

Barb, Bonyton Beach, Florida


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Land of Dreams

The falling snowflakes speckled the field, gently blanching the earth's grays and browns. I barely felt the cold as I stared at the double tombstone under which my parents lay.

At least they had a known resting place, not like my brother Morris, who had wandered far from home. Beyond them stretched an endless field of tombstones. At first I saw them as solemn markers, then as the finger-tips of their occupants trying to claw their way out . Finally they were accusing fingers pointing heavenwards, wanting justice for their earthly days. No living person was within sight, but the buzzing traffic on the nearby expressway was a reminder of the world outside.

As I stood there, the landscape slowly transformed itself into images of my parents, not the time-worn persons they had become, but the spirited couple of my childhood. I found myself staring into memories that flashed across the screen of my mind like unedited film clips, until the scenes slowed down to September of 1938. . .

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Land of Dreams